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Support a 100 % Local Business Based in Cusco

Our personalized service guarantees that you will have the experience of a lifetime! Locally owned and operated travel company with local office staff with firsthand knowledge different destinations in Peru. Many companies claim to be local experts we think that is an exaggeration because most of them are not even based in South America, they just outsources services to local operators. We always have the most up-to-date information on everything from the weather to festivals. Having born and lived here, we have seen how things work on a day-to-day basis and have an understanding of daily life that just cannot be achieved without experiencing it first-hand.

Small Groups in our “Regular trips” and “Trekking”

All of our treks and tours require a minimum of two travelers. If you already have at least two in your group, you can choose virtually any date to start your tour or trek (depending on the availability of Inca trail permits). We are happy to place solo travelers in one of our existing groups, subject to availability.

Expert Local Professional Guides

Our tours include excellent english/spanish – speaking guides with on-going education of the latest discoveries, and how to handle emergency situations/first aid and move at your own pace
Bioandean Expeditions ” employs only the best licensed and/or certified local guides who are fluent in English. We believe that first-hand experience makes a trip authentic; we seek local guides native to each specific destination, ensuring that your travel will be a rich cultural experience. These qualified and knowledgeable local tour guides will provide you with practical guidance, while offering priceless insight into the true identity and nature of their homeland. They are charismatic professionals and ensure everything is well organized!

Our trekking chefs are geniuses! It is hard to believe that they can prepare such enjoyable meals with the conditions and equipment provided on the trek. There is no shortage of sumptuous and abundant meals while trekking. Do you have dietary restrictions? We can accommodate vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, kosher or allergy diets. Your special needs will be taken care of by our chefs. Meals are prepared fresh on site and we are experts in making sure you are well-taken care of!

Personalizing our attention from beginning to the end of your trip; leave the legwork to us, we take care of the logistics and details so you can relax and enjoy. Remember this is your vacation and don’t want to stress out about any detail except enjoying.

If you have looked at other companies selling tours of similar length, quality and included activities in Peru, you will notice that ” Bioandean Expeditions ” is very sensible. It is not because we cut corners or compromise on excellence, but rather we reap the benefits of being a small, local, efficiently run company with small overheads. We can be this competitive because we are based locally and we manage all operations ourselves. We are committed to creating best value for people: our customers, our employees, our shareholders and our business partners.

Our tours and expeditions are not designed for you to have an ordinary travel experience in Peru. Instead, they are designed for you to have an extraordinary experience. One of the most valuable and long lasting experiences of travelling is the cultural encounter that you can experience. Be able to participate in daily activities, tasting new food and encountering new ways of life, all of which greatly enrich you experience in Peru and have a unique cultural adventure.

We do not operate a large network of tours worldwide nor do we claim to be experts on every South American country, but instead keep our focus on this country making our knowledge unbeatable. We are the local experts; our sales and operations offices are based in Cusco, Peru. We live and work here and have done for many years.

Our tour prices clearly outline what is included and what is not included. If you choose to compare prices, be sure to take into account what the company is providing you with. For example, some tour companies do not provide basic things, such as food and water. There are no unexpected expenses or vague language from Bioandean Expreditions.

Our Company has more than 2000 people joining our hikes annually; we have a proven track record of providing quality trips that exceed our guests’ expectations. Check out Trip Advisor to see our 5 star review status, and read additional guest comments on our Bioaandean Expeditions Reviews and Facebook pages. Lastly, consistent positive feedback was the primary reason for us being a recommended and recognized company in Peru!.

As professional tour guides we understand “the responsible tourism” We have a deep respect for the preservation of local communities and the environment. We avoid activities which involve a potential damage to the environment and local culture. We are involved in a number of social projects within the communities, we give a percentage of our profits to our social and environmental projects, but we prefer not to exploit the communities that we help by posting pictures or videos on our website. We strongly believe that community support needs to be provided with honesty, decency, and not as a form of publicity as most of the travel companies do. 10% of Bioandean Expeditions profits are used to help fund projects for children from the poorest local communities in the Cusco region. We will save your email in our database and send you pictures and videos about our projects at the end of the year. We prefer not to exploit the communities that we are trying to help by posting pictures or videos on our website because we strongly believe that community support needs to be provided with honesty, decency, and not as a form of publicity.

The 20 % of our incomes go to our social projects

It would be too hard for us to give back to the community without the help of our passengers, who trust us to take them on their journeys. We don’t just provide great services, but we also send your money to support our social projects, for the benefit of the villages and annually is committed to share the spirit of Christmas giving by participating in activities distribute presents, meals and hot chocolate to around 600 children in different communities. By choosing and traveling with Bioandean Expeditions, you choose to take part in the wonderful social projects that our company is creating and supporting.

Now, we are taking local people, who have not had the opportunity to go to Machu Picchu because of the cost, and helping them reconnect with their culture. In the future, our next goal is to help improve people´s way of living without them losing their cultural identity. For example, we will bring in agricultural professionals to help the local farmers develop better sustainable techniques and methods. Also, we plan on bringing in artisans to help train local children in traditional crafts. We recommend that our customers participate in learning about the traditional Peruvian culture by visiting these local communities and joining in these agricultural and artisanal activities.

”Bioandean Expeditions” specializes in off the beaten path trips that most other travel companies do not! Even on the most popular routes, we make every effort to avoid crowds and personalize your experience.

Carefully designed, unique routes to avoid the crowds with many private campsites and local communities loeges exclusive to Bioandean Expeditions

Bioandean Expeditions makes a special effort to choose, and even create our own campsites. This strategy maximizes our groups’ privacy, facilities and views. On some of our alternative treks, we coordinate with local villagers who kindly let us camp on their land. That not only helps support the locals, but also ensures that we know exactly what conditions to expect and how to keep our trekkers safe. And of course we are providing beneficts to them in a directly way , Some other companies are buying lands along the trails and are building up private Campsites taking the opportunities for the Local people to get some benefits from tourism to sum up companies which are buying private land and buliding private lodges aredoing this only for their own benefit.

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